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Selenium is an open source, software program checking out framework used for internet applications this is also transportable. With Selenium, customers can creator exams without mastering any scripting language with the help of a document/playback tool.

With Selenium, customers have get admission to to a site precise language, Selenese, to write down assessments in programming languages. The tests which can be written can run on unique web browsers and can be deployed on structures like windows, Linux and OS X. it is able to be downloaded at no cost below the licence of Apache

components of Selenium:

Selenium IDE: it’s miles an included improvement environment for any Selenium tests. Carried out as Firefox add-On, it permits assessments to be edited, recorded and debugged. Car whole carrier is furnished to the scripts in order that they may be edited and recorded manually. Those scripts are recorded in Selenese.

Selenium customer API: The checks may be written in languages such as Selenese can communicate with Selenium by way of calling strategies in Selenium client API. Currently customer APIs are available for C#, Java, JavaScript, Ruby and Python.

Selenium remote control: it is a server written in Java that responds to commands for the browser via HTTP. With RC, writing assessments for any net utility the use of any programming language is made smooth. higher integration is viable with Selenium inside the unit trying out frameworks. A Selenium RC Server is used for launching HTML, personal home page and Java test cases.

Selenium internet motive force: its miles a successor of Selenium RC. It has the ability to ship the commands that it acquired from the API to the net Browser.

Selenium Grid: it’s miles a server which lets in the tests to utilize web browser times that run on faraway machines.

Why Selenium?

Selenium is a extensively famous testing framework used within the enterprise. major software Giants round the arena work in this Framework.

Advantages of Selenium

Open Source

Supports all browsers like IE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari

Supports all Operating Systems.

Supports all programming languages Java,Ruby,C# and Python.

Run multiple tests at a time.

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