IT technical support: all you need to know

Today, organizations increasingly depend on computers in all areas of their processes. Thus, customers and users need the IT staff to remain their servers and network infrastructure operational.

IT help desk is not just about turning computers ON and OFF, it is much more than that: this job requires a vast amount of technical expertise combined with a commitment to the job. The help desk professional is frequently the face of the IT staff and it is considered as the first line of support because whenever the users encounter a problem the help desk will be there for assistance.


However, when the staff can’t fully solve the problem, they need to provide assistance in such a way that leaves the customer pleased about the service received. So, successful help desk technicians require hard skills & soft skills. On one hand, they need to have technical knowledge and the capacity to troubleshoot problems – that are measurable abilities like setup and troubleshooting systems. On the other hand, they should have effective communication and customer service skills, in order to be able to communicate effectively with others.

Bear in mind that the average starting salaries can range from $18,000 to $20,000 and technical support managers can earn salaries of over $50,000.

PG qualification is not required for this work, but a Microsoft or Cisco certification may give you an advantage. Employers also look for in-depth knowledge of the coding and applications they use, so gaining practical work experience during is extremely beneficial and internships are extremely recommended.

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